Whey Protein on the LCHF Diet – Is there a better alternative?

On this edition of Real Meal Radio Prof Noakes chats to us about whey protein and if it has a role to play on the LCHF diet. We also look at the benefits of using whey proteins as a replacement meal on the LCHF diet.

Is it wise to use whey proteins as a replacement meal?

On the LCHF Podcast today we talk about whey protein and if it has a role to play on the LCHF diet. This LCHF diet question was submitted by Tindall and is as follows:

“I have been an LCHF follower for two years and successfully completed my first marathon earlier this year (having lost 25 kg). I however found it difficult to do three protein meals a day and turned to meal replacement shakes as an alternative. I quickly realised that these usually have a high carb content. The body builder in my local “health” store then suggested a whey protein product. This only has 2.3 grams of carbs per serving and has been working well for me as a replacement for one meal per day. I would appreciate Prof Noakes’ comment on the use of whey protein as part of LCHF diet. “

Prof Tim Noakes: I am not a huge fan of processed foods. I normally tell people to eat real foods on the LCHF diet. You’re much better off eating a few eggs because they’ve got not just the protein, they have got all the nutrients that you need or at least most of the nutrients that you need.

Whey protein is processed so therefore not ideal

Once you fill in with a processed food, it’s artificial and it does not have the right combination of nutrients that we want. My point would be it would be much cheaper to eat eggs. It may well be that he appreciates the whey protein and he enjoys the protein, it’s easier and more convenient and so forth but nutritionally whey protein is not as good as eggs, liver and sardines.

Those are three super foods that he might consider using instead of whey protein.

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