What should your bowel movements be like on the LCHF Diet

Today’s Low Carb Healthy Fat topic deals with bowel movements on the LCHF diet. We have been getting many questions in regarding bowel movements on this Low Carb diet and a lot of people are finding that they need to go to the toilet a lot less often, is this normal on a Banting diet?

The general conception would suggest yes. People tend to eat too much fibre and with it go to the toilet too regularly. There is nothing wrong with passing one large stool a day. It is important though to make sure your stools are still soft and fluid like. If you do find you become constipated on the LCHF diet, you will need to find a way to get fibre in.
The LCHF diet still contains plenty of fibre, despite the absence of cereals. This is due to the large amounts of vegetables and little bit of fruit you are eating. Only a little fibre is required in the diet.

Fibre will improve your bowel movements

If however you are battling with your bowl movements, a little extra fibre can be added. Commercially driven cereals remain a bad option; as while some contain good fibre, they are full of sugar.

Psyllium husks are a really good option. You only need a little bit once again, and it should sort out any constipation problems.

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