Welcoming Ilze’s Banting De’Lights on board our Affiliate Programme!

Welcoming Ilze’s Banting De’Lights on board our Affiliate Programme! 

We are delighted to announce that Ilze’s Banting De’Lights has joined our Eat Better SA affiliate program.

The Eat Better SA affiliate program was designed to ensure that you have peace of mind in knowing that products bearing our stamp fully support your low carbohydrate lifestyle. Plus, each time you purchase an Eat Better SA-stamped product, a portion of the proceeds are donated toward our community outreach programs, empowering under-resourced communities to overcome chronic disease and obesity through dietary changes.

Ilze’s Banting De’Lights is a locally based business founded by Ilze Czubora. Ilze’s own health journey started at the age of 39 years when she tipped the scale at 139kg and knew she needed to make some changes. After hearing about other peoples successes  with the LCHF lifestyle, she introduced this to her entire family.

In just 6 months her son lost 30kg. His energy was high and he enjoyed his schoolwork again. Her husband lost 45kg. His blood pressure went back to normal, acid reflux was gone and his flashing migraines were a thing of the past. Ilze, herself has lost 67kg in 15 months and her arthritis is now under control. 

Being on this lifestyle for many years, and coaching others to do the same, she understands the need for the occasional treat that fits into this lifestyle. She bakes and makes all these treats herself for her clients in the Tzaneen area. All these products are made from green list items only to ensure that the carb count stays low.

With an equal passion for giving back to the community, we at Eat Better  SA are excited to welcome her on board as a valued member of our affiliate family.

“I joined the Eat Better SA affiliate programme because I believe it is important to support what they do. It is my “pay it forward”. I also wish to help bring this information to the world. It is a community of like-minded people with support.” 

For more information please visit  Ilze’s Banting De’Lights  on Facebook or contact Ilze at info@livingproof.co.za 

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