Vegans and Vegetarians on the LCHF Diet – What you need to know

Today we chat about the LCHF Diet and how it relates to vegans and vegetarians. The question answered was submitted by Leone Arendse and he wanted to know; what are the best foods to eat on the low carb high fat diet as a vegan?

It is very difficult if not almost impossible to follow the LCHF diet as a vegan. The reason for this is that relying on only vegetable products will see you battle to keep you carbohydrate intake below the highest recommended amount.

In order to get enough protein in you are forced to eat a lot of legumes, which while high in protein are still higher in carbohydrates. Generally it is found that vegans and vegetarians are not as healthy as meat eaters.

Why are vegans and vegetarians, vegans and vegetarians?

The ethicacy behind why people become vegetarian is understandable, however from a health perspective it does come with potential problems. A vegan diet being a healthier option is a myth; largely in part to the vast amount of carbohydrates which are consumed.

For a vegan there is practically no way that you can follow the LCHF diet properly.

LCHF diet – hope for vegetarians

The healthiest vegetarians tend to be those who eat dairy (preferably full fat), eggs and fish a few times a week. These vegetarians will have a very healthy diet as they are adding protein and fat from animal sources at least. In deed it is probably the healthiest diet you can be on, and it would then be feasible to follow the LCHF diet

Unfortunately if you’re a strict vegetarian and you don’t eat fish, eggs and dairy you’re in the same position as a vegan. This will make it very difficult then to follow the LCHF diet.

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