The True Cost of The HPCSA Enquiry

As the verdict of Professor Noakes’ HPCSA enquiry draws closer, we take a look at the financial toll the investigation has taken and can’t help but ask ourselves – was it all worth it?

The HPCSA charged Prof Noakes with unprofessional conduct for giving unconventional advice over social media. In order for the complainants to be successful, they would need to prove that (1) as a result of the single tweet exchange, Prof Noakes and Ms Pippa Leenstra formed a doctor-patient relationship, and if such a relationship did exist, (2) that the advice to wean the baby onto LCHF (meat & veg) was unconventional.

Millions have been spent in an attempt to prosecute Prof Noakes for a single tweet which has caused no harm to anyone.

But for Prof Noakes the enquiry was a necessary ordeal – the hearing provided a platform for him to present overwhelming scientific evidence in support of the low-carb eating science and to disprove the low-fat diet.

“The goal is not to prove that I am correct but to advance knowledge by discovering truths that will improve the nutritional health of all South Africans” – Prof Noakes.



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