The Noakes Foundation has recently welcomed a new member to their esteemed board of directors. Dr Hassina Kajee, who practices in a tertiary hospital, has been a close friend of the Foundation since its inception, and has consistently been a valuable advisor on many of the Foundation’s endeavours. Dr. Kajee brings with her extensive knowledge about the LCHF eating science and is an advocate of the diet both in and out of the hospital.


Dr Kajee was instrumental in overseeing and facilitating the Foundation’s first ever Eat Better South Africa! intervention programme conducted in the Ocean View community, and she has since advised on a number of the Foundations subsequent interventions. Her enthusiasm and passion about the LCHF eating science emanates through her and she is always eager to educate her patients about good nutrition.


Jayne Bullen, Manager of the Foundation: ‘The Noakes Foundation is truly excited to have the immense skill set of Dr Kajee on board our already incredible board of directors. This supports our commitment to diversity and representation of all of South Africa, and is in line with our focus on our Eat Better South Africa! agenda as a priority. We got to know Dr Kajee well during the time of our Ocean View intervention where she tirelessly volunteered, co-conceptualised the programme with us and supported the community with such an open heart, bringing her expert clinical experience to a much needed community like Ocean View. Since then, we have been amazed at her passion, commitment, integrity and love for community and her deep commitment to making South Africa and the world a better place. Her many years in a state hospital as a physician have fuelled her passion for preventative medicine and systemic change in our country. We are most delighted to have her on board! She will be working with Prof Noakes, Dr Neville Wellington and the Foundation at large bringing focus to our priority of supporting the family doctor, and helping the poorest in our country to eat better and get better through education and other avenues!’  


Dr Kajee strives to heal her patients through proper nutrition, saying that: ‘The obesity epidemic is a crippling monster, one that is poorly understood (by many), stigmatized and badly managed (if at all). As a specialist physician, I experience firsthand, the disastrous effects of lifetime of poor lifestyle choices – people under the age of 30 suffering debilitating heart attacks and strokes. As a mum, I see loving, well intentioned parents unwittingly poisoning their little cherubs with an endless supply of sugary snacks”.


Dr Kajee states that it is her mission to help educate people on how to reverse obesity and metabolic syndrome by eating real, delicious food that happens to be low carb. “I see a future where more people make better informed nutrition decisions and fewer people are on pills” – a sentiment shared by all those involved in the work of the Foundation.


Professor Tim Noakes: “Dr Kajee is one of the most passionate and determined young doctors I have had the privilege to know. She is absolutely determined to make a real and meaningful difference to the health of South Africans especially those living in our poorer communities. The Noakes Foundation considers it a real honor to have Dr Kajee join our Board. She will help direct our efforts in ways that will be the most meaningful for the greatest number of our citizens.”


The Foundation is excited to have a new member joining the board, and are confident that she will be a great addition to the team.


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