The Noakes foundation is conducting an exciting pilot study in 2021!

Consumers are often bombarded with health advice and information of various oils and fats, yet very little information is provided on an appropriate amount that should be incorporated into a daily diet. It is often difficult as a consumer to decide which products meet our desired idea of health, and if it is indeed healthy for ourselves and our family. Every year new superfoods and fats are brought to market and often very little evidence backs up their health claims. The Noakes Foundation is about to conduct a pilot study into oil supplementation and how it may affect certain health markers. The Noakes Foundation is calling upon all those interested to take part in the pilot study, which will commence early next year and will run for a period of 8 weeks.

Please read the following criteria to ascertain if you would be eligible to take part in the study:

  •         Male or female, between the ages of 18-60
  •         Either follow an LCHF diet or standard diet
  •         No nut, olive or coconut allergies
  •         Not reliant on lipid-lowering medication or other chronic medication
  •         Not insulin dependent
  •         Live in South Africa
  •         Own transport
  •         Internet access

Exclusion from the study is as follows:

  • Life-threatening comorbidities or concurrent illnesses that have previously been diagnosed by a medical professional

By collating the current available research on the benefits and composition of certain nut oils and conducting the aforementioned study The Noakes Foundation will be able to open new avenues of research in the field, possibly leading to greater discoveries thereafter and aiding the broader community in making informed healthy diet choices.

Please contact us at should you have further questions. Please note that all accepted participants will be contacted in due time and more information will follow. The Noakes Foundation looks forward to starting the new year with an exciting research study!

Follow the link to complete in intake questionnaire!

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