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The Noakes Foundation marked a significant milestone with its 10th anniversary, a testament to its dedication to challenging conventional beliefs and delving into the depths of scientific inquiry. On April 17th, just before the Breakfast with Prof Noakes, the foundation hosted a roundtable media briefing to launch “Question the Science™,” a campaign aimed at redefining how we approach scientific understanding.

What is Science? It’s not merely a collection of facts; rather, it’s a rigorous research method designed to explore areas of interest with an analytical lens, seeking to reveal the transient nature of “truth.” During the briefing, Prof Tim Noakes, Chief Operating Officer, Managing Director of the Nutrition Network, and Co-Founder and Board Member of Eat Better South AfricaJayne Bullen, and the Science journalist, Ph.D. in nutrition, author of The Big Fat Surprise, advocate for nutrition policy based on rigorous science, mom, Nina Teicholz delved into crucial questions surrounding nutrition and healthy lifestyles, dispelling myths and shedding light on the complexities of our dietary choices.

This event not only celebrated a decade of pushing boundaries but also set the stage for continued exploration and critical analysis, ensuring that science remains a dynamic and evolving force in our quest for better health and well-being.






We are thrilled to share the joyous moments and heartfelt gratitude from our recent 10 YEARS OF CHALLENGING BELIEFS event held at the exquisite Taj Cape Town. The atmosphere was electric as we commemorated a decade of pushing boundaries, challenging beliefs, and questioning the status quo in the pursuit of scientific truth.

The day was nothing short of spectacular, filled with enlightening discussions, insightful presentations, and memorable interactions. Dr. Michael Mol, with his charismatic presence and deep understanding of our mission, expertly guided us through the event as our MC, ensuring every moment was engaging and meaningful.We extend a special thank you to our esteemed sponsors and partners, whose unwavering support made this celebration possible:


Nutrition Network: Your sponsorship of gifts and steadfast support throughout the years has been instrumental in our journey.

Taj Cape Town: Your generosity in sponsoring the venue and delectable food ensured our guests were treated to an exceptional experience.

Marc Wyllie Productions from Warrior On Wheels Foundation: Your artistry behind the lens captured the essence of our celebration, preserving memories that will last a lifetime.

Ecolam Signage Shop: Your impeccable printing services added a touch of professionalism and elegance to our event materials.

Leigh Wood: Your skillful videography work immortalized the day, allowing us to relive the magic whenever we watch the footage.

Inhouse Venue Technical Management: Your seamless management of sound and visual support ensured the event ran flawlessly, creating a captivating experience for all.

Each of you played a vital role in making our 10th-anniversary celebration truly unforgettable. Your contributions not only supported this event but also fueled our ongoing mission to challenge beliefs and question the science in pursuit of a healthier world.

As we reflect on the past decade, we are filled with gratitude for the incredible journey and the community that has supported us every step of the way. Here’s to the next chapter of innovation, discovery, and transformative impact!






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We’ve been in the spotlight quite a bit recently, and we’re excited to share some of the fantastic media coverage we’ve received. Our efforts in promoting health and wellness are gaining traction, and it’s thanks to your continued support.

We’ve had insightful discussions, inspiring features, and lively sessions on various platforms, all focused on spreading our message and making a positive impact. From radio interviews to feature articles and engaging live sessions, our mission to transform health through informed dietary choices is resonating far and wide.

We’re incredibly grateful for your support and thrilled to share these moments with you. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news from The Noakes Foundation!
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Embark on a transformative journey into the fascinating realm of metabolic psychiatry with the Nutrition Network’s newest training – Metabolism and the Mind: A Metabolic Approach to Treating Psychiatric Diseases.

This comprehensive training will empower healthcare practitioners with the knowledge and expertise necessary to comprehend and address the metabolic complexities underlying mental health disorders. From mood disorders to addiction and neurodevelopmental conditions, our esteemed speakers will dissect various facets of metabolic psychiatry, and create evidence-based strategies for diagnosis, treatment, and holistic management.

‣ Develop a comprehensive understanding of the metabolic determinants influencing psychiatric disorders

‣ Discover the therapeutic potential of ketogenic diets in the treatment of mood disorders, binge eating disorders, addiction, and more

‣ Explore cutting-edge research and clinical insights on metabolic interventions for mental health enhancement

‣ Acquire practical tools and methodologies for seamlessly integrating metabolic approaches into personalized treatment plans

‣ Foster interdisciplinary collaboration to deliver holistic care that addresses both metabolic and psychiatric dimensions of health

Take the first step towards advancing mental health care and elevate your practice to new heights! Enroll today and get a 20% discount – valid until 26 June


Celebrating a Year-Long Journey: On April 13, 2024, Eat Better South Africa and The Noakes Foundation marked a year-long journey with Du Noon community residents living with type 2 diabetes. Read more about our collaboration with Du Noon Community Health Centre in Cape Town here.

Spotlight on Eat Better South Africa’s Impactful Initiatives: Eat Better South Africa was recently involved in Abundant Village, an eco-friendly project providing essential resources to underserved communities. We also spent time in Headspruit, South Africa, exploring Manyeleti Village and collaborating with other organizations to improve living conditions and promote food security.

We’re seeking partnerships and support for sustainable food security and nutrition education initiatives. Learn more about our work here or contact us at






Do you know someone who is NOT following an LCHF/Banting/Keto diet at the moment and has an underactive thyroid/hypothyroidism? Then this study is for them!

Join our study on Diet, Metabolism, and Thyroid Health!

We’re excited to announce a new study exploring the relationship between diet, metabolism, and thyroid health. We’re currently looking for volunteers to join us on this journey. If you meet the criteria, we’d love to have you participate!

Click here for more information:…/




Save the Date: May 30, 2024, at 1 PM SAST

Join us for a special Facebook Live with Prof Tim Noakes! This is your chance to connect directly with Prof Noakes and ask him your burning questions about health, nutrition, and more.

Have a Question?
Email your questions to, and we’ll include them in the Q&A session during the live event.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to engage with one of the leading voices in health and wellness. Mark your calendars and be part of the conversation!







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