The Banting Diet and grass fed meat

On this episode of the Ask Prof Noakes Podcast we chat to Prof. Tim Noakes about the quality of grass fed meat as opposed to silo fed animals and which are most beneficial on the LCHF Diet.

How to get the most benefit from your meat on the LCHF Diet

On this episode of the Podcast we chat about the quality of grass fed meat as opposed to silo fed animals.

Ivan submitted his question for consideration on the podcast. Ivan lives in Northern Ireland and has been on the LCHF or Banting diet for about 10 weeks now. He has lost 11kg’s which is fantastic. He has managed to get off his high blood pressure medication as well as his GERD meds.

He says meat in Ireland is predominantly grass fed during the summer, then fed silage or hay during the winter. But they’re finished off using cereal based supplementary feed to fatten them up.

100% grass fed meat is available from a select few farms, but it costs nearly twice that of standard reared meat. In order to get the most benefit from the LCHF or Banting diet, should he buy the 100% grass fed meat or would the standard reared meat be sufficient?

Prof Tim Noakes: I think we are talking about small differences. The key in my view is you get off the processed food. As soon as you get onto healthy grass fed meat, that is fine.

Get rid of processed food first on the Banting diet

It is true that even in South Africa, there’s a question of ‘should we consider silo-fed animals’, also grass fed and if they are given just a little bit of grains at the end is that ok? There is a whole big debate about that.

The feeling is that you should really stick with the grass fed, that will be the best for you but I guess that the differences are pretty marginal in animals that are only given corn feed or soy feed later on.

My suggestion would be if twice the price is too much, then do your best in winter. Then in summer you will just have to buy the right ones and in winter maybe buy the less good food.

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