Breaking out of holiday mode

  Holidays are wonderful. They are a great time to recharge, to spend some time deepening your relationships with your loved ones. It’s a lovely time to step back from routine and become more comfortable with a change in pace. Holidays can also be challenging: sometimes it can be difficult to drop the pace and […]

Prof Noakes Responds: The Greyton Mail

In the December 2019 issue of The Greyton Mail a letter was published where Prof Noakes was referenced. Below you will find Prof Noakes’ written response to this letter. You can view and read the original letter from The Greyton Mail here.  ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————- To the Editor, Greyton’s well-renowned vegan activist Mr Rohan Millson unexpectedly informed […]

Celebrating Atlantis – Our 10th Community Health Intervention

  CELEBRATING ATLANTIS – Our 10th Community Health Intervention By Masoodha Kajee, Eat Better & Affiliate Exec On 15th July 2017, a blistering cold and wet Saturday afternoon, I watched with pride and awe as The Rebecca van Amsterdam Saal in Atlantis transformed from an otherwise cold, echoing gym hall into a space lit up […]

The role of exercise when you want to lose weight

Today on The Ask Prof Noakes Podcast we get some answers on should we be exercising while trying to lose weight. Brad Brown has a question in about exercise from a listener who would like to know if it is vital to exercise if you want to lose weight? Can we just exercise and eat what we […]

How much fluid should you drink daily?

Welcome onto this episode of The Ask Prof Noakes Podcast. Our question today is about water and fluids. Brad Brown asks Prof Noakes what the ideal is when it comes to drinking water and fluids. People are saying you should drink 8 glasses a day. Others are saying the more you drink the better. What’s […]

How stress affects your weight loss efforts

Welcome to this edition of The Ask Prof Noakes Podcast. Today, Brad Brown raises the question of whether stress could be a factor in preventing weight loss. Debbie has been on the LCHF diet for 2 years and has lost 23kg. However, over the last 12 weeks, she hasn’t lost a kg or cm. Debbie […]

Is dairy preventing your weight loss?

Welcome to today’s edition of The Ask Prof Noakes Podcast. Brad Brown has an interesting question today from Diane. She has been banting for about 4 years but hadn’t lost any weight on the diet. Her blood sugars and cholesterol levels however, did normalise. Was dairy preventing her weight loss? A month ago she put […]

More carbs or more fat to stop weight loss?

On this edition of the Ask Prof Noakes Podcast, Brad Brown has a question from Driekie. She wants to know how to stop weight loss. Being active and cycling 4 days a week, she’s feeling concerned about losing much more weight. She really gets hungry and has been eating more carbs to prevent that. However, there is […]

Is fat causing your weight loss plateau on the LCHF diet?

James Preston gets to ask Prof Tim Noakes Shirley Eveleigh’s question on the Ask Prof Noakes Podcast today. Shirley wanted to know if it is possible to eat too much fat on the LCHF diet. Prof Noakes thinks in this case, fat might not be the problem. If you would like to subscribe to the […]

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