Celebrating International Day of Action for Women’s Health: Healthy Women, Healthy World

Today, on International Day of Action for Women’s Health, we unite globally to advocate for women’s health and well-being. This day is dedicated to raising awareness about the unique health challenges that women face and promoting strategies that support their physical and mental health. One such empowering strategy is the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) […]

“The Fat Ginger Nerd” a Weight Loss Story by Brendan Reid

I have heard it said that the definition of an adult is someone who has stopped growing up and started growing out.  This describes the typical process by which many of us tend to gain weight: gradually, over a period of years following a childhood of relatively normal size.  Hence, the term “middle-age spread”. This […]

Research Fellowship for The Noakes Foundation

The Noakes Foundation is looking for top quality MSc or PhD students with a passion for changing the world!  Over the years of Banting and the Real Meal Revolution, Prof Noakes and The Noakes Foundation has received thousands of living testimonials from people all over the world, generously sharing their data for the purpose of science. Much of […]

The Lists Keep Changing, But Do They? – Jonno Proudfoot

“That’s not Banting.” “Is that Banting?” These phrases are littered all over the place. Facebook and Twitter are alive with low-carb vigilantes fighting the good fight, debating the Bantingness of products and ingredients. Phonies are regularly crucified by the Banting community for not being as pure as purists should be. Much like a religion, the Banting community is […]

Are you our next Community Change Agent?

Be a health revolution Eat Better Ambassador! Ten amazing South Africans will get the opportunity to change their lives, and change the lives of hundreds, by becoming Community Change Agents. We are looking for 10 health conscious go-getters to take part in the Real Meal Revolution’s newest Banting Elite programme on Noakes Foundation bursaries. Banting Elite is an online course that provides […]

Co-Author & Chef’s Journey with Prof: He Knew it All Along

Written, with thanks by Jonno Proudfoot of The Real Real Revolution. The Real Meal Revolution is the Founding Partner of The Noakes Foundation. “I am one of the lucky few who had the privilege of writing a book with Prof. I can’t vouch for the meaning he gave his previous projects but when we launched […]

Prof’s Words: The Real Food Revolution Gains Momentum

Article written for Cape Doctor  – Emeritus Professor Timothy Noakes The Banting Revolution continues to gather traction across South Africa So despite the best efforts of the Association of Dietitians of South Africa, the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) and various eminent medical academics, the Banting Revolution continues to gain traction across the length […]

Rita’s Words: A Facebook Revolution!

When I started banting, I looked for support and help and my first point of call was Facebook. I joined just about every single group there was to join and found myself totally confused. I found the groups to range from friendly to downright hostile and condescending. None seemed to be giving me what I […]

Jonno’s Words: Why I flipping love The Noakes Foundation

I was born in Cape Town in 1984, the same year Prof published The Lore of Running. The son of a passionate GP and a nurse, I spent my younger years at the dinner table listening to how my parents spent their working hours helping people improve their health and in some cases, saving their […]

Our Educational Nutrition Program Needs Your Support

Honoring our commitment to correct the dietary errors of the past fifty years and to determine the optimal diet for individuals in our diverse South African landscape, The Noakes Foundation is about to kick-start an exciting community educational program involving working with women’s diets in impoverished communities around Cape Town. This is a pilot community […]

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