The Lists Keep Changing, But Do They? – Jonno Proudfoot

“That’s not Banting.” “Is that Banting?” These phrases are littered all over the place. Facebook and Twitter are alive with low-carb vigilantes fighting the good fight, debating the Bantingness of products and ingredients. Phonies are regularly crucified by the Banting community for not being as pure as purists should be. Much like a religion, the Banting community is […]

Co-Author & Chef’s Journey with Prof: He Knew it All Along

Written, with thanks by Jonno Proudfoot of The Real Real Revolution. The Real Meal Revolution is the Founding Partner of The Noakes Foundation. “I am one of the lucky few who had the privilege of writing a book with Prof. I can’t vouch for the meaning he gave his previous projects but when we launched […]

Jonno’s Words: Why I flipping love The Noakes Foundation

I was born in Cape Town in 1984, the same year Prof published The Lore of Running. The son of a passionate GP and a nurse, I spent my younger years at the dinner table listening to how my parents spent their working hours helping people improve their health and in some cases, saving their […]

Our Educational Nutrition Program Needs Your Support

Honoring our commitment to correct the dietary errors of the past fifty years and to determine the optimal diet for individuals in our diverse South African landscape, The Noakes Foundation is about to kick-start an exciting community educational program involving working with women’s diets in impoverished communities around Cape Town. This is a pilot community […]

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