The Noakes Foundation presenting at Low Carb USA Conference

Jayne Bullen, manager of The Noakes Foundation, will be speaking with the Foundation’s doctor, Dr. Salih Solomon, at the Low Carb USA conference at the end of July. Low Carb USA is bringing together 25 of the world’s top medical and scientific minds on how nutrition can treat and prevent serious disease at the largest-ever […]

The Lists Keep Changing, But Do They? – Jonno Proudfoot

“That’s not Banting.” “Is that Banting?” These phrases are littered all over the place. Facebook and Twitter are alive with low-carb vigilantes fighting the good fight, debating the Bantingness of products and ingredients. Phonies are regularly crucified by the Banting community for not being as pure as purists should be. Much like a religion, the Banting community is […]

PR: Fat Future A Noakes Foundation Fundraiser at Table Bay

5 October 2015 Fat Future: A Noakes Foundation Banquet Fundraiser for Lavender Hill Community Programme Hosted by The Noakes Foundation, Fat Future: A Banquet Fundraiser takes place on Tuesday 27 October at the Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town. This special evening will be the last public talk of the year offered by Prof Noakes. Joined […]

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