Launch of Nutrition Network a Resounding Success

Last Thursday, 7 Dec 2017, The Noakes Foundation & Eat Better South Africa successfully hosted its Low Carb Fundraising event as a launch to the Foundation’s new independent initiative, the Nutrition Network, an education and learning platform designed exclusively for medical practitioners and allied health workers across all disciplines, covering the most up to date science […]

The Noakes Foundation Weighs in on the New Lists

The Noakes Foundation has had a number of queries about the new various LCHF lists that have recently been released. As a Foundation we thought it best to reserve our thoughts and let Banters around the world decide for themselves whether or not they will switch from the existing lists to the new list variations. […]


Eat Better South Africa! was born out of community and collaboration. It wasn’t what we first imagined those months ago when Prof Noakes introduced us, and soon after Hassina Kajee, Euodia Samson and I sat around a table at Knead dreaming up our visions for the community. Other than each having changed our lives as Banters, […]

Our Educational Nutrition Program Needs Your Support

Honoring our commitment to correct the dietary errors of the past fifty years and to determine the optimal diet for individuals in our diverse South African landscape, The Noakes Foundation is about to kick-start an exciting community educational program involving working with women’s diets in impoverished communities around Cape Town. This is a pilot community […]

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