More carbs or more fat to stop weight loss?

On this edition of the Ask Prof Noakes Podcast, Brad Brown has a question from Driekie. She wants to know how to stop weight loss. Being active and cycling 4 days a week, she’s feeling concerned about losing much more weight. She really gets hungry and has been eating more carbs to prevent that. However, there is […]

What is the risk in taking carbs once fat adapted?

On this edition of The Prof Noakes Podcast, James Preston chats to Prof Noakes regarding a question submitted by Robin Beetge.  Robin would like to know what the risk is of a negative glycaemic response of eating or drinking high carb glycaemic foods during a race from the tables for example, once fat adapted. Particularly running ultra […]

The balance of Calories in versus Calories out – does it work?

On this edition of The Prof Noakes Podcast, James asks Prof Noakes about the calories in vs calories out theory no longer applying. He questions if it means that as long as calories are made up from fat and protein, and carbs are below 25g, it doesn’t matter if you exceed your recommended calorie intake […]

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