How do our Affiliates Support Eat Better South Africa?

  “Every human being is a raindrop. And when enough of the raindrops become clear and coherent they become the power of the storm” – John Trudell   Each of The Noakes Foundation affiliates pledges to support Eat Better South Africa! our community education initiative.   How do affiliates support our community program? By donating […]

Why Join our Affiliate Program?

  Why become an affiliate? The Noakes Foundation is an internationally recognized Public Benefit Organization (PBO) founded by Prof Tim Noakes, an A1 rated scientist, doctor and researcher. The Foundation is supported by a distinguishable team of health experts, Doctors, Scientists, Dieticians, Nutritionists and Researchers and has an extensive national and international network of game […]

What is The Noakes Foundation Affiliate Program?

  Why have an affiliate program?   The market has been flooded with products that claim to be low in carbohydrates, LCHF, Keto or Banting-friendly, but how do you know that these products and the claims they make are true and can be trusted? The Noakes Foundation has chosen to work with a select number […]

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