Support from Around the World: Words from Sam Feltham

Written, with thanks by Sam Feltham, a leading health and fitness expert in the UK.

‘Dear Prof. Noakes,

Ever since I became aware of your work several years ago I have been in awe of your honesty, integrity and ability for critical thinking. The fact that you’re willing to publicly acknowledge your mistakes in order to make amends is testament to your character as a world renowned scientist.

The way you have been treated recently has been exceedingly disturbing after decades of outstanding commitment to science. With that in mind I implore all those involved in the prosecution of your trial to reassess their ethics, morality and underlying reasons for putting you through this unwarranted process.

There are many of us around the world who support you, not just because of who you are but because the highest quality of science supports your position. It is undeniable that your recommendations are scientifically sound and in line with the most up to date research available. 

With the kindest of regards and support,

Sam Feltham’

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