Academic Free Speech and Digital Voices


Dissident science experts confront scientific suppression in Higher Education, which can include the novel threat of online academic bullying (OAB). We are developing a definitive framework for OAB and exploring related concerns, such as academic cybermobs. Some IR experts are highly agentive in using Twitter and other digital platforms for networking and raising awareness for the Insulin Resistance Model of Chronic Ill Health (IRMCIH) paradigm. We explore the diverse strategies that experts follow in successfully exercising responsible free speech, especially those that support the sharing and development of IRMCIH research.

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Ongoing Research Studies

Digital Voices (DV)

Digital voices (DV)

Primary Research Outputs

Twitter goals with a scientific article – small data research for new vistas on users’ disparate interactions and motivations (in review)

Noakes, T. 2021, The value (or otherwise) of social media to the medical professional : some personal reflections. Current Allergy and Clinical Immunology, volume 34, issue 1, pages 23-29, March, 2021.

Secondary Research Outputs

Noakes, T.  (2021, 4-6 March). From informal academic debate to cyber harassment – navigating the minefield as a responsible contributor [Conference presentation]. World Nutrition Summit, Cape Town, South Africa.

Other Outputs

Exemplary Digital Voices code report for Twitter reports and analysis.

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