Research Fellowship for The Noakes Foundation

The Noakes Foundation is looking for top quality MSc or PhD students with a passion for changing the world! 

Over the years of Banting and the Real Meal Revolution, Prof Noakes and The Noakes Foundation has received thousands of living testimonials from people all over the world, generously sharing their data for the purpose of science. Much of this evidence has not been used for our more formal clinical trials that require specially selected candidates based on very specific criteria, so we have large data sets that require an analytical mind and brain to mine and study.

We would like to offer one or two MSc or PhD students the wonderful opportunity of mining this data with the aim of supporting a dissertation/thesis and producing research papers and broader publications. Please contact us on if you wish to find out more or apply!
The Noakes Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation that looks at changing the way the country and world eats. We fund and support Living Research and are committed to creating world class research that evolves the current research landscape and takes us to new methodological levels. If you want to do something profound, innovative and be a part of changing the world as we know it, contact us.
This will be an unpaid position for a MSc or PhD student who wishes to work with and be mentored by Prof Noakes and the team of world class researchers that he and The Noakes Foundation currently mentor.

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