Programme Manager Wanted!

Eat Better South Africa Programme Manager Wanted!

The Noakes Foundation is looking for a robust programme manager with five or more years experience in an NGO and community development programme management and planning to work on the roll out of its Eat Better South Africa programmes into communities across South Africa.

Needed for the role: 

  • Visionary, big picture thinker and dreamer that is able to also create systems, processes and structure
  • Understanding of the LCHF or similar lifestyle change and health & wellness programmes
  • A degree and preferable post-graduate degree or diploma from a related sector
  • Five or more years of community programme development
  • Experience in setting up systems and processes
  • A commitment to training and keeping abreast of the latest developments in the macro environment of medical research and innovation.
  • Some experience in the healthcare, medical, dietary or wellness sector
  • Experience working with those from a diverse background. This role will be working with nurses, doctors, artists, actors and corporate partners
  • Staff management experience to motivate, guide and support team members

Nice to have for the role:

  • Experience in education systems, childhood development, school feeding programmes and governmental wellness programmes on a provincial and national level
  • Strong contacts and existing relationships in this sector
  • Some experience in fundraising, tender application and pitching for large investment from a CSI angle.
  • Fluent Afrikaans and one indigenous South African language

This position is Cape Town based but applicant must be able to work and travel out of town regularly, for up to 50% of their time for part of this year on one large programme. Preference in this role will be given to a BEE candidate, but because of the specific skill set required we are accepting applications from non-BEE applicants too.

This is a contract position for an initial period of 8 months.

Please send applications to

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