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This privacy policy is complimentary to, and should be read and understood together with, the terms and conditions of use on (“the website”)In order to enable The Noakes Foundation to provide you with quality and personalised service, your personal information may be required, or collected. This privacy policy sets out what information is collected and used and what you, as the User of the Website, can do to protect your information.



1.1 This privacy policy deals with how The Noakes Foundation shall treat your personal information collected electronically when you use this Website, register online with The Noakes Foundation, or submit any personal information to The Noakes foundation (or its authorised agents and representatives) via the Website or by email.

1.2     The Noakes Foundation respects your privacy and shall take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information of its webwebsite users.

1.3     The Noakes Foundation may electronically (via the Website and/or email) collect, collate, store and use the your personal information.

1.4     When using your personal information, The Noakes Foundation shall apply the following:

1.4.1  The Noakes foundation will only disclose, collate and process (“use”) your personal information with your express written permission, unless we are legally required to disclose such information; and

1.4.2  The Noakes Foundation will not use your personal information for any other purpose, other than that which we disclose to you, unless you give The Noakes Foundation express written permission to do so, or unless The Noakes Foundation is legally permitted to or legally required to do so.

1.5      By using the Website or accepting any of The Noakes Foundation Terms and Conditions of use, you are accepting the terms set out in this policy and you are giving The Noakes Foundation express written permission to share your information with the affiliated or associated companies of The Noakes Foundation, in the ordinary course of The Noakes Foundation business, including for purposes of providing you with relevant goods and/or services, to inform you of any new products supplied by The Noakes Foundation (or its affiliates), inform you of facts relating to your access and use of The Noakes Foundation Website and to verify your identity when transacting with The Noakes Foundation (or its affiliates or associates). You may revoke this consent in writing at any time by emailing your revocation to



“Personal information” includes, but is not limited to, your name, surname, contact numbers, email addresses and your user-selected password. In addition, The Noakes Foundation may also collect information relating to your use of the Website (consumption of select content, navigation pattern or any other related use that may be deemed necessary to The Noakes Foundation to develop, market or improve the content, and accessibility of content, to improve the user experience).



Personal information is collected whenever you (the User) make use of the Website, complete an application form, connect with or contact The Noakes Foundation electronically, use The Noakes Foundation products, services, facilities, tools or utilities offered on the Website.



4.1       In order to make the your use of the Website, the products, services, facilities, tools or utilities offered on the Website as informative, helpful and successful as possible, it is necessary for The Noakes Foundation to collect your personal information. For sake of clarity, we collect this information for the following reasons:

4.1.1  To allow The Noakes Foundation to process your instructions and/or requests;

4.1.2  To allow The Noakes Foundation to communicate requested information to the User;

4.1.3  To provide the User with access to restricted pages on the Website;

4.1.4  To inform the User about events from The Noakes Foundation. The User may elect not to receive any communications from The Noakes Foundation by logging on to the Website  and unsubscribing from the selected newsletters;

4.1.5  To enable The Noakes Foundation to meet your needs and wants. The Noakes Foundation may collect your personal information and combine it in order to personalise and tailor it’s service to meet your individual needs;

4.1.6  To conduct research for statistics, market-related and academic reasons. You are accordingly advised that the information may be shared with third parties such as academics and researchers. All information collected for research purposes will be kept strictly confidential and all data depersonalised. No personal information will be made available to third parties without your written consent. If The Noakes Foundation (or its affiliates) publishes the results of such research, you will not be identified by name;



5.1       The Noakes Foundation owns and retains all rights to non-personal statistical information collected and compiled by The Noakes Foundation.

5.2       The Noakes Foundation will not sell, rent or provide your personal information to unauthorised third parties for their independent use without the User’s consent, other than as provided for herein.



6.1       The Noakes Foundation will take all reasonable steps to protect Users’ personal information from loss, misuse or unauthorised alteration. All information which Users provide to The Noakes Foundation is stored on databases that have built-in safeguards to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of that information.

6.2       When making use of and/or registering on the Website, you may be given an access number, user name, password and/or personal identification number. You must always ensure that your user name, password and/or pin are kept secret and not disclosed to other parties.



7.1       The Noakes Foundation is not, and cannot be held, responsible for any representations or information or warranties or content of any third party website (including third party websites linked or hyperlinked to The Noakes Foundation website. Websites facilitated by The Noakes Foundation or social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter). The Noakes Foundation does not exercise any control over the privacy policies of these third party websites and Users should refer to the privacy policy of these third party websites to ascertain what protection the User’s is entitled in respect of personal information.

7.2       The Noakes Foundation may enter in to arrangements with its partners, affiliates and third party suppliers which will require The Noakes Foundation to disclose User’s personal information. You, as User, hereby consent to The Noakes Foundation disclosing your personal information to these third parties for this purpose and you also consent to receiving data about yourself from these third parties. You may at any time withdraw this consent by emailing your revocation to



The Noakes Foundation may from time to time amend this privacy policy. In the event of a material change, The Noakes Foundation will give you notice of such change/s within a reasonable time, however, it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the contents of this privacy policy regularly.

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