Previous Research Studies

Evaluating Nutrition Education in Under-Resourced Communities 


From Clinical Practice to Published Research – Nutritional Effects of Insulin Resistance 


LCHF Diet on Diabetes and Athletes: 


The Truth About LDL Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Disease: The Latest Study Misses the Mark! 


Ancel Keys Cholesterol Con. Series: 

  • Part 14. 1994-2017 


The Unseen Ongoing Pandemic: Diabetes 


Low Carb and Low-Processed Food: Health impact of 100 Days of Dietary Change. A personal journey (Part I) 


How much sugar is in your breakfast cereal? 


28 Day CGM Experience 


What she says is what she does: Survey versus behavioural measures of food choice 


Nuts about tree nuts! How new evidence is shaping our idea of tree nuts 


Women and health: What daily actions do you take for your health?


National Nutrition Week: The importance of an LCHF, whole foods lifestyle.



What are the people in South African townships really eating? 


The Ketogenic Diet and Depression

Is Alzheimer’s Type 3 Diabetes? 


Mesothelioma Awareness Day – could an LCHF/Keto diet help? 


An Update on the LCHF Study 


Endurance Eating on a Low Carb Lifestyle 


Incorrect Dietary Management and Diabetes – Noakes 


What’s hiding in your lunchbox? 


Noakes: Risk Factors and Insulin Resistance Part 2 


Noakes: Low Fat Causes Heart Disease! Part 1 


Prof’s Words: The Real Food Revolution Gains Momentum 


My Medical Epiphany

What Caused the Obesity Epidemic

 A foundation to question The Science™️ 


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