Post run meal on the LCHF diet – What should you eat after running?

Today on the Ask Prof Noakes Podcast, we discuss what you should eat as a post run meal on the LCHF diet. Over the years a lot has been said for chocolate milk to be the best recovery drink. We find out would be the best post run meal on the Low Carb High Fat diet?

A proper meal or real food is your best option. This is what you should be eating all the time, and post race is no different. What you put in when you have finished running is crucial for muscle recovery, so you need to replace nutrients as soon as possible. Putting real food in your system, as opposed to processed or refined foods is the best way to get the most out of your recovery.

Replace nutrients with your post run meal

You don’t only need to load up on carbohydrates and boost glycogen levels, you need to replace a whole array of nutrients after a run. The best way to do so is by eating nutrient dense foods. Eggs are one of the best options, and one that most people will be fond of and able to tolerate. The likes of liver and sardines are also fantastic for recovery, but are tastes that are not as popular.
While some people may not initially feel hunger after a long distance race, it is important to eat as soon as possible. Whether on the LCHF diet or not, your body will tell you when it is ready to eat. It is important here to get that proper meal or real foods in. On the LCHF diet you are eating for life; so whether it is everyday or race day pre or post, you need to eat good real food.

Your post run meal must consist of real foods

The idea is to eat a calorie balanced diet all the time, but this is not an hour to hour thing but a day to day exercise where your body is the guide. Eat when you are hungry is no more important than after a race. Your body may require you to eat more often for a couple of days but if you are following the LCHF diet it should balance out again.

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