Pasture raised vs lot raised animals on the LCHF Diet

On today’s episode of The Ask Prof Noakes Podcast, we have a follow up from our previous podcast about the possible dangers of eating bacon, today we look at eating pasture raised animals versus lot raised animals on the LCHF diet.

Do you find pasture raised meats become expensive?

Following on from our last Ask Prof Noakes Podcast about the possible dangers of eating bacon, today we look at eating pasture raised animals versus lot raised animals on the LCHF diet.

In the past on the Real Meal Radio Podcast we have spoken extensively about eating animals that are raised in the best possible conditions, pasture fed where at all possible. Many people however have brought up the fact that when you are eating that sort of organic meat and eggs, it does become expensive.

Is it a case of if you can afford it, eat pasture raised meat, if not, as long as you are eating real foods (as opposed to processed meats) that is great? In a nutshell, should you be eating the best possible meat and animal produce you can afford when following the Banting or LCHF Diet?

Looking your healthiest

Prof Tim Noakes: Yes, I think that is the case. What I have noticed over the years, is that the people who are most immersed in this Banting or LCHF diet and who eat the best food, look the healthiest.

So in other words, the people who do really stick to what I am trying to eat, food that is best raised on pastures, that to me, they seem the healthiest and of course it might be because they are wealthier and therefore they can afford to do those things.
Again, what is it, is it the wealth or is it the fact that they are eating those foods but I absolutely agree with you, the worst thing to do, is to eat cereals and grains and lots of carbohydrates. That is the worst thing and anything you do above that will be better for you but if you want to be maximally healthy, then you must make sure you eat animals, foods from animals that are the healthiest.

Stay away from cereals and grains on the LCHF Diet

I think one of the problems is that the meat in South Africa, 90% of it, is feed lot raised and who knows what else they are doing to those animals. Because of that people do say red meat might be a problem and I think we have to take that seriously.

It is not the red meat that is the problem, it is the way it is raised and again, it comes back to the fact that if you want to eat meat, well maybe look at chicken and maybe look at fish as being perhaps safer alternatives and lamb, Karoo lamb, as we discussed before.

I think Karoo lamb is flawless, you cannot flaw that, but the others, like red meat, just be a little bit cautious with it because again, only 10% of that is going to come from pasture raised animals, where there is no antibiotics and all those other things.

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