Nuts on the LCHF Diet: Can you eat peanuts on a low carb diet?

Today on Real Meal Radio we are talking nuts on the LCHF diet. Quite a number of people are asking about peanuts – are they ok to eat on the LCHF Diet? They can’t be much worse than almonds and pecans can they?

Prof Tim Noakes: Well pecans and almonds are very good, because they have got more omega 3 fats in them. Which are what you want. We need certain fats that are essential ie. linolenic and linoleic acid.

Linolenic acid is omega 3 which is what you really want because it is healthy and unfortunately peanuts have the omega 6 linoleic acid, and that is not quite as healthy.

Peanuts are a good source of protein

However, they are a very good source of protein. For poorer people peanuts are a really good substitute for a high carbohydrate diet and they are a cheap source of good nutrients. They do have too much omega 6, but that is probably much much better than having too much carbohydrate.

So if you want to eat good nuts, yes almonds and pecans and walnuts are really good, as are macadamia nuts. Peanuts are not quite as good and you wouldn’t want to eat them. But if on the other hand people are struggling financially – peanuts are a really good source of protein and some fat.

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