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The Nutrition Network is an education, connection and learning platform founded by The Noakes Foundation in partnership with an esteemed team of doctors and scientists. The platform has been designed for healthcare practitioners across all disciplines, covering the latest science and research in the field of Low Carb Nutrition.

The purpose of the Nutrition Network is to actively share the knowledge, research, analysis, and practical skills that already exist in the area of LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) with those wanting to learn more and implement these strategies into their clinical or professional practice.
A portion of each Nutrition Network course enrolment fee goes towards funding Eat Better South Africa and the important work they are doing in South African communities.

online trainings in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition

  1. Professional Training in LCHF/Keto Nutrition & Treatment – the original, flagship training (23 CPD hours)

  2. LCHF in Clinical Practice – the more advanced training (10 – 12 CPD hours per module, 3 modules in total)

  3. Advisor Training – for low carbohydrate enthusiasts wishing to upskill and acquire a professional training in LCHF nutrition coaching

  4. Professional Training in LCHF for Nurses – designed specifically for Nurses (15 CPD hours)

  5. Professional Training in LCHF for Dietitians – designed specifically for Dietitians and Certified Nutrition Specialists (25 CPD hours)

  6. Ethics – Exploring the big issues facing the medical/healthcare profession today and the ethical dilemmas of each

  7. Diabetes Reversal – How Type 1 & 2 Diabetes may be successfully managed and, in the case of Type 2 Diabetes, reversed using a Low Carbohydrate High Fat or Ketogenic Diet (10 CPD hours) Obesity: Risk & Reversal – How obesity can be successfully reversed using a Low Carbohydrate High Fat or Ketogenic Diet (12 CPD hours)

  8. Neurology – elective designed for Medical & Allied Health Care Professionals on the topic of neurology and how LCHF/Ketogenic nutrition may be used in clinical practice to manage and reverse neurological associated conditions (12 CPD hours)

  9.  A Patient’s Guide to Blood Glucose Management – designed by leading clinicians who understand the value of post-consultation support. Intended to support treating clinicians to empower patients with a better understanding of Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

  10. Nutritional Paradigms for Treating Chronic Disease examines the emerging evidence behind how TCR can be applied to various conditions in detail. It will share alternative ways to treat disease, specifically through nutritional intervention, and will look at the different versions of TCR (15 CPD hours)
  11. Eat Better: Group Facilitation Training is a comprehensive step-by-step guide, modeling our highly successful Eat Better South Africa (EBSA) intervention program.
  12. Sports Nutrition leading experts in sports and therapeutic carbohydrate restriction therapy, to bring you flexible online learning in the implementation of body and lifestyle transformations through exercise and sports nutrition.
  13. Resilience: Mental Health and Stress Management Professional online training in mental & physical resilience in the face of work stressors.
  14. Addictive Eating allowing you to become specialized in the effective screening, diagnosis and management of Food Addiction, and the implementation of body and lifestyle transformations to break the addiction cycle.

You can learn more about the various trainings in this article. All of the courses are online, you may start at any time and work through the content completely at your own pace. Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and a CPD certificate should you require one, and you will be listed on our website’s Wall of Practitioners.

Nutrition Network has launched its Community Member Platform. Find out more here.

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