Meet our newest Ambassador Richard Smith

We are so excited to announce that Richard Smith ‘AS SEEN ON TV‘ The UK’s leading nutrition expert will be joining The Noakes Foundation as an Ambassador. He is dedicated to teaching his followers about REAL health and nutrition, dispelling many of the myths and common misconceptions regarding healthy living.

What inspired you to become an ambassador for The Noakes Foundation, and how do you see yourself contributing to the mission of promoting a low-carbohydrate, high-fat lifestyle?

After living the lifestyle that completely changed my life from being clinically obese and suffering with a whole host of health issues to losing 107lbs of body fat and being the healthiest & fittest I had ever been, I felt a need to share my secret, a secret that was hidden from mainstream media, a secret that is so simple that almost anyone would benefit from it! My goals and my passion line up perfectly with The Noakes Foundation, so joining forces seemed like a logical progression.

Have you been involved in other organisations and community projects? If so, please elaborate.

I work with Diabetes UK, the Public Health Collaboration as well as local Health Professionals, I hold lots of free public speaking events, as well as host a free YouTube Channel in which I promote all things low carb / high fat, these are the perfect springboards to allow me to spread the word about our lifestyle, and all of the good work by The Noakes Foundation.

As part of my work now, I help others to do the same, I have a 100% success rate in diabetes reversal with those who stick to the advice given, and I have worked successfully with people who have suffered a lifetime with severe gastro distress, APKD, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even cancers.

What upcoming events do you have planned?

I hold many free events locally, one of which I am currently in the process of putting into an online format for everyone to benefit from. I also have a few public speaking events planned for later in the year.

Can you share any personal experiences or success stories related to adopting an LCHF/Ketogenic lifestyle? How has this way of eating impacted your health and well-being?

Living the lifestyle has allowed me to lose 107lbs, and reverse my diabetes, I am now migraine-free, pain-free, depression & anxiety-free, and most importantly, medication-free! I no longer suffered from any of my previous health / mental issues, including anxiety and depression. The 4/5 years following the start of my journey would see me become a pro athlete and a British & European champion in men’s physique bodybuilding. Living this lifestyle has allowed me to do things I could never have dreamed of!

I believe the best method for success is one that involves incremental changes, it’s through these incremental changes that we can educate people into understanding what real food is and the detrimental impacts that a high carbohydrate lifestyle can lead to.

One of the first things I teach my clients is that fat storage is caused by the hormone insulin, insulin is a hormone that signals the body to store fat and this is mainly caused by sugar. The next piece of the puzzle is explaining to my clients what sugar is. All carbohydrates break down into sugar, therefore I begin educating them about what carbohydrates are and how they work within the body. Beyond this would depend on their goals, but the best piece of advice I can give to someone beginning their journey is that every cell in the body is made of protein and every cell within the body is made of fat, therefore, protein and fat are essential, there are no such things as an essential carbohydrate, so build your meals around animal proteins and natural fats, while restricting carbohydrates. From this, we can begin to implement further education pieces around the importance of minerals and how damaging lectins & oxidised linoleic acid are. I run an 8-week program that implements one change per week, with all the education behind it, so my clients can then move forward making educated decisions each time they eat.

Did you try other methods of dieting before a healthy, LCHF diet?

Prior to living this lifestyle, I had tried every other lifestyle you can think of, one full of grains and vegetable oils was the one that caused me the most issues.

How did your peers/colleagues react to your change in lifestyle?

12 months into my journey of eating animal proteins with lots of natural fats and vegetables at that time, friends, family, and even my doctor told me that what I was doing was unhealthy!… Yet these people never said a word when I was eating lots of processed / junk foods. I now felt the best I had ever felt, so despite these concerns, I decided to keep pushing forward and listening to my body! I’m so glad I did, as this would go on to change my life!

What is your main/favorite physical activity and why did you choose it?

I retired from professional bodybuilding in May 2022, and I have now begun to focus on triathlon, this year my focus has been on running and cycling, the swimming will follow next year, but I do have a few events planned. I completed a 10k race in September, followed by a half marathon in October and a GB qualifying duathlon in November. I am very new to the sport, having only started to run and cycle this year (2023). I competed at a high level in a duathlon Run-Bike-Run) recently against World, European, and British Champions. Very pleased with my position given I’ve been running and cycling for less than a year. I came 93rd out of 300 competitors. More to come next year.

What does it mean to you to be healthy and fit?

I am in pursuit of optimal health and well-being, after many years of being sick, I have come to realise that health is wealth! Yes… we need money to pay the bills, but you cannot put a price on being fit and healthy! In my mid 20’s I was so unwell that I didn’t think I would see my 30th birthday….now… I am in pursuit of 120!

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