LCHF & Weight Loss: Why is Paul not losing on Banting?

On today’s episode of The Ask Prof Noakes Podcast we chat to Prof. Tim Noakes about weight loss on the Banting Diet and get some answers here on why some people lose weight quickly and others can’t manage to lose at all. What mistakes are they making?

Today we answer a question that was submitted by Paul Liversage. Paul says his wife and himself have been following the Low Carb Healthy Fat or Banting diet. They have mainly cut out all types of carbohydrates, they have cut out all sugars, they are not wary of eating fatty meat.

He says his wife has lost between 8 and 10 kg’s already, she is not really that over weight to start with. He on the other hand is seriously obese and is struggling to lose.

He was a chocoholic to start with and really didn’t follow a healthy eating plan. For the past 3 months now he has avoided chocolate, hasn’t had any sugar or carbohydrates.

He snacks on raw nuts, plenty of veggies and salads. His wife is preparing their meals using recipes in the Real Meal Revolution. Other than the odd glass of red wine in the evenings, their food consumption is exactly the same. He says he does have a love for milk which he drinks a lot of.

He did expect some positive results by now, especially comparing his current diet to the previous one. But as well as reading of the good results that other people have had, he is baffled, he is demoralised and is wondering what he is doing wrong.

What can Paul do to improve his weight loss on the Banting Diet?

Prof Tim Noakes: 99% of the people that complain on this diet that they don’t lose weight are women. I am sorry for Paul that he is not losing weight. Firstly, again if he is 110kg’s or round about there, you have got to cut to 25g’s of carbs.

You will find 25g’s of carbs in 100ml or 150ml of milk. It is the milk that is enough to prevent the weight loss. He has to cut all milk and just replace it with water. Or cream, because cream is low on sugar and carbohydrates. That is my advice.

You have done a brilliant job, you have got to first cut the dairy completely. No milk whatsoever. You can have cream in your tea and coffee.

The next thing is that you should not sit down to eat 3 meals a day. I think that he mentioned he was eating 3 times a day, and although he is eating a lot of healthy food, he is still eating too much.

The key is, one has to cut your calorie intake, and his brain is not making sure that he eats less – he is still continuing to eat more calories than he needs. The only way to do that is to actively restrict a little bit and the best way to do that is to only eat when you are really hungry. Only to sit down once or twice a day for food.

He needs to remember that there are a lot of calories in nuts, and the fat food – so you just have to be a little bit cautious. We don’t want people to count calories and actively restrict, usually the brain does it for you and it takes away your hunger and you just eat appropriately.

But for some people – and Paul might be one of them – you just have to restrict a little bit and I would also suggest you fast occasionally for 24 hours. I think that is what will get your brain to realise you are eating too much normally and you can eat far less.

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