Is the Banting Diet causing the pain in my joints?

On this episode of Ask Prof Noakes Podcast we chat to Prof. Tim Noakes about stiff joints and the possibility that this could be caused by being on the Banting Diet. He looks at possible solutions to this problem.

Could the Banting Diet cause stiff joints?

Today’s question on the Podcast was submitted by a 38 year old male who is fairly athletic, saying that since being on the Banting diet he almost feels like his hands are arthritic. The joints in his fingers are quite stiff.

Is this related to the Banting diet or is it something else?

Prof Noakes: That’s a great question because it is usually the opposite. In my view, cereals and grains, and particularly wheat, are a common cause of auto-immune conditions like rheumatic conditions in the fingers and hands and knees.

The Banting diet usually improves these symptoms

Usually a person would come to us and say that those symptoms got better, they didn’t start with the diet.

However, we always say to people ‘you are each an experiment of one’. If you get those symptoms you have to try and find out what is causing it. It may well be that there is something in the diet that is producing those symptoms.

The point is that it is uncommon, but if it has happened you have to think it is the diet. Normally the diet takes away those symptoms. I would look for perhaps an allergy to dairy produce as a possibility.

But don’t just ignore it. There is something going on. Find out what the cause is. Hopefully it is transient and it is not really related to the Banting diet.

But if it is related to the diet you must find out. If you do that by cutting out certain foods, I would start with the dairy and see I there is any change in the result.

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