Is Tea and Coffee allowed on the Low Carb High Fat Diet

Today’s question comes from Althea Gerber. Althea wants to know how does tea and coffee fit into the Low Carb High Fat diet way of doing things?

There is no evidence to suggest that there are any issues with having tea and coffee on the Low Carb High Fat diet. Coffee in general has not been found to have shown to be a health risk factor, but moderation like with anything is a good practice here. Tea has been proven to benefit your health, especially when you are looking at the likes of Green Tea and Rooibos.

While drinking tea and coffee are not an issue, it’s the association with sugar which is. Sugar is one of the key ingredients to cut down on in the LCHF diet, and the popular addition to a cup of tea or coffee needs to be cut out as well.

Tea and Coffee aren’t the problem, sugar is

There is a second issue when looking at this diet, and it’s the use of skimmed or low fat milk. You need to be drinking full cream milk or even cream to be getting the best health benefits out of the LCHF diet. This is also important to note if you have small children. They need the high fat content, so full cream milk is the only way to go.

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