Grains and Seeds on the LCHF Diet: Can you eat one and not the other?

We’ve spoken before on the LCHF Podcast about grains and why they are not allowed on the LCHF diet. Kate in the United Kingdom got in touch and wanted to know why seeds are ok on the LCHF Diet but grains are not. She also wanted to know the difference between seeds and grains in terms of how they are defined and how can a person tell the difference between the two.

Recent research has shown grains to have an adverse affect on the human body. The gluten found in grain isn’t digested very well and this causes problems in the gut. Many diseases are starting to be attributed to grain consumption, most notably autoimmune diseases. But first let’s distinguish between grains and seeds.

Grains vs Seeds – what’s the difference

A seed is an ovule containing an embryo while a grain is a fusion of the seed coat and the fruit. Typically,seeds are planted to grow plants while grains are harvested for food. Grains provide food from the fruit part while seeds mainly provide food from embryo parts.

When you cut grains on the LCHF diet, your health improves

Due to their digestive issues, when you cut wheat from your diet you tend to see huge improvements in your health. Part of the reason the LCHF diet is so effective so quickly is the cutting out of wheat based foods. Seeds on the other hand are ok to eat, but within reason on this diet.

When it comes to nutrition animal species have co-evolved with food. In the case of humans, we are able to eat a remarkable amount of different foods. We are the only animals who are able to eat such a wide range of unusual food combinations. The problem is however, we don’t quite know which of these is ideal. Time and better research techniques are slowly starting to show us this; like the common intolerance of wheat and other grains.

What the LCHF diet has shown

As the LCHF diet promotes absolutely no grains or cereals due to their high carbohydrate levels; there are immediate other health benefits to this, most notably in the stomach due to the cutting out of gluten. The LCHF has been a huge positive reinforcement of the issues with grains. This has backed up research through clinical trails.

Seeds are a better option, but really must be eaten in moderation as they come with their own issues on the LCHF diet, namely they are still high in carbohydrates.

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