Getting over your bread addiction on the LCHF diet

Today on The Ask Prof Noakes Podcast we find out how to overcome the need for bread and get tips from Prof. Noakes on how to make the transition on the LCHF diet easier when it comes to cutting out bread.

Many people struggle on the LCHF diet when it comes to cutting bread out of their diet. It is also difficult if you want your children to follow a LCHF diet, particularly when it comes to what you can pack in their lunch boxes for school.

Today’s question on the LCHF Podcast was submitted by Julia and she says that her family has recently taken to the LCHF diet or Banting lifestyle. She is finding that her older children ( a 6year old girl and 12 year old boy) are struggling with the new LCHF diet bread and are struggling to let go “traditional” bread.

Is there anything you can suggest to help me help them with this transition?

Prof Time Noakes: I think it is really important to cut the wheat, because I think wheat will be shown to be one of the more damaging foods that we eat. And it is so prevalent particularly when you’re eating 5 or 6 slices of bread a day (as I used to), that’s a huge wheat load.
For those of us that cannot metabolise it, and I think that’s a good proportion of the population, it’s not healthy. You see the problem why we are addicted to bread with wheat is because they rise because there is gluten present. Of course it also soaks up the butter, and everything you put on the bread so nicely and that makes it so delicious.

It is the gluten in bread that is so dangerous

That is the problem though. The very gluten that makes it so attractive as a food, is what is killing us or what is harming our health. As soon as you take gluten out of your diet you are just never going to get the same type of bread.
I use seed bread, it is called “Life Bake” and it is made in Cape Town. I don’t know where Julia is from, but I think you’d have to go and find one of these LCHF diet seed breads.

LCHF Diet bread

They are really effective and very tasty. We admit, they are not quite the same as bread, but you just have to adapt slowly. Again, I would suggest move away from needing bread and use crackers and other things which are not wheat containing and carbohydrate containing and there are loads of those on the market.

It’s a mind shift and you just need to get your children off the need for bread.

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