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The Eat Better South Africa affiliate program is designed to ensure that customers have peace of mind in knowing that products bearing our stamp fully support their low carbohydrate lifestyle. The Eat Better South Africa affiliated programme is also designed to position our affiliates as a trusted brand and one that the consumer can rely on and has confidence in.

The Eat Better South Africa Affiliate programme is supported by a distinguishable team of health experts, Doctors, Scientists, Dieticians, Nutritionists, and Researchers and has an extensive national and international network of game-changing ambassadors, retailers, innovators, educators and brands. All those involved are committed to changing the world.

Below is a short story of one of our affiliates, Banting Blvd.

Banting Blvd was founded by Gail van Niekerk in 2014. As a product developer with over 30 years of experience, she has always been passionate about creating delicious tasting food that makes you feel your best. This is why when she first heard about Banting, she researched this lifestyle with unbounded enthusiasm. This inspired a “wow” moment for her upon realising the importance of how a low carb lifestyles allow individuals to consistently maintain normal blood glucose levels, and that remaining in this zone is essential for weight loss and insulin management. Ready to share this knowledge with the world, her mission was (and still is!) to make LCHF foods accessible for everyone.

In 2015, Gail’s eldest daughter, Lizanne van Niekerk, joined the family business. That’s when Banting Blvd truly defined its purpose in the world. Not only did they become anchored in a partnership with The Noakes Foundation affiliate program, but together developed the world’s first LCHF pap, Heba Pap. Heba Pap has become a staple in thousands of South African’s lives, supporting their Banting journey towards a better, healthier life while not comprising of traditional foods.

Banting Blvd is a strong women-led company that is passionate about making healthy food simple and accessible for all, and believes that good food is for everybody!

When we asked the Banting Blvd team why they decided to join decide to join The Noakes Foundation affiliate program, they said that it’s important for them to be in touch with communities across South Africa, which is why joining The Noakes Foundation affiliate program was a big yes for them. Not only has worked with TNF connected them with so many incredible communities and leaders, but it’s also allowed then to make a real difference together. They also shared how they are so inspired by all the research and work Prof Noakes has done for our local (and international!) communities.



The team at Banting Blvd has also implemented this lifestyle at work. All the staff at Banting Blvd receives a wholefood breakfast and lunch every day. This gives the team energy to power through the seasons feeling satisfied with strong immunity. Gail emphasized that they are passionate about the team’s well-being and believe that health starts in the kitchen.

We asked the Banting Blvd team to share their advice for people who just started this lifestyle and is struggling, they said “Take it day by day and don’t forget that taking care of your health is the most important act a person can do. A big lifestyle change can be daunting for anyone, but keep it simple and start small. Before you know it, living the LCHF will make you feel so great you wouldn’t want it any other way!”

It’s incredible to see how the LCHF lifestyle has changed so many South African lives for the better. The lifestyle has grown across our country’s many diverse cultures and has been an accessible guide for millions to lead a healthy lifestyle.

We are constantly working to innovate and make a difference in the LCHF community. Watch this space!

 A portion of the Banting Blvd products sold, all of which are green list ingredient-based, will assist Eat Better South Africa programmes through a small donation per product sold. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram at for daily inspiration, recipes and healthy living motivation.

You can find Banting Blvd products at Food Lover’s Market or online: – They deliver nationwide! Connecting with fellow banters on the Banting 7 Day Meal Plan and HEBA Facebook group.

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