Gabriel Van Wesemael, 13 Year Old Type 1 Diabetic, Interviews Prof Noakes


Gabriel Van Wesemael, a close friend of The Noakes Foundation, sat down with Professor Noakes and asked him some important questions about the low carb high fat lifestyle. Gabriel is a Type 1 diabetic who manages his diabetes by strictly controlling his blood glucose levels by avoiding carbohydrates and sugars and filling up on healthy, nutritious fats, proteins and some good carbohydrates.

Gabriel first heard about LCHF from his endocrinologist Dr. Neville Wellington and decided to adopt the lifestyle. He created his own YouTube Channel, Gabriel’s Diabetic Kitchen, where he could create awareness about how effective the LCHF lifestyle is in the management of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Gabriel plans to work together closely with The Noakes Foundation, Prof Noakes and Dr. Neville Wellington to make a difference to other children and adults who want to better manage their diabetes.




Gabriel appeared on the Afternoon Express show  to talk more about managing diabetes with LCHF, view his feature below:


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