Full house at post HPCSA inquiry fundraising event for The Noakes Foundation

The Noakes Foundation – 31 October 2016

Wednesday evening saw the end of the final installment of the HPCSA hearing against Prof Tim Noakes – the week saw his three expert witnesses, Zoe Harcombe, Nina Teicholz and Caryn Zinn present compelling testimony in favour of the low carb high fat lifestyle.

Prof and his three ‘Angels’ as they have been dubbed, were in high spirits when the hearing concluded, relieved that the process which begun with a single tweet in early 2014 had finally come to an end.

The fundraiser was held in efforts to raise funds for the Foundation’s Eat Better South Africa! Community education initiative – the funds raised will go towards taking nutrition education to under-resourced communities around the country, addressing the desperate need for dietary intervention in communities riddled with high obesity and diabetes rates.

Guests poured into the Sports Science Institute in Newlands, eager to hear four world-leading experts weigh in on the outcome of the hearing and talk about the changing nature of medicine in our contemporary world where doctors, nutritionists and dieticians are all online and engaging in various information sharing platforms, an advancement that needs to be welcomed if we are to change the health of the future.

Owner of The Sugar-Free Revolution Karen Tompson MC’ed the evening- welcoming the prestigious speakers and highlighting the magnitude of the occasion having them all together in one room. Zoe Harcombe presented a very entertaining summary of the hearing, having the audience laugh out loud on several occasions. Nina also presented on her experience of the hearing and touched on the obesity and diabetes crisis in the United States, pointing out that there are much bigger forces at play  when it comes to muting the LCHF lifestyle – using examples of how big industry leaders in food and pharma would rather create customers instead of cures. Caryn Zinn discussed the LCHF revolution happening in New Zealand where she works as a dietitian and researcher in the field. Amazing advancements are being made every day, and time and time again the benefits of eliminating carb and sugar consumption are proven.

And finally, Professor Noakes spoke, expressing his admiration and gratitude to the three angels who had traveled across the world to support him. He spoke about the desperate need to help the poorest in the country as they are the ones who need our help the most – they are the sickest and are dying first because of poor diet which leads to a whole host of illnesses.

The ladies were thrilled with their traditional African-styled necklaces by Pichulik that they were gifted as a thank you for donating their time to the Foundation.

After the talks the guest mingled together while sipping on delicious cultured drinks by the Foundation’s affiliate Probyo, and took home samples of Heba Pap – an affordable LCHF pap alternative Banting Blvd developed with the Eat Better intervention candidates in mind.

The evening was a great success, with many LCHF enthusiasts going home feeling inspired to do their bit to improve the health of our nation, and confident that there were teams at work ensuring that the less fortunate weren’t forgotten.

If you weren’t able to attend the fundraiser and would like to help us take Eat Better South Africa! to more communities around the country, please click here.

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