Fasting on the LCHF Diet: Is a weekly 24 hour fast advisable?

On this episode of the Ask Prof Noakes Podcast we chat to Prof Noakes about the idea of incorporating 24 hour fasts on a weekly basis and its relation to fat adaption. We investigate the benefits of fasting.

Are there benefits to fasting?
Ivan Gretch sent his question in and he says he is a triathlete who is working on becoming fat adapted. He says he started incorporating 24 hour fasts on a weekly basis into his life. He would like to know your views on fasting are and its relation to fat adaption?

I think he is going in absolutely the right direction. That is ideal. The benefits of fasting are enormous. The early studies which were used to suggest that low fat diets were healthy were done on Greek orthodox, and the Greek Orthodox church teaches a lot of fasting.

One of the suggestions has been that those studies weren’t of people who were eating low fat diets, but rather of people who were fasting, and maybe the fasting made them live longer. So there is a lot of good that comes from fasting. So I think that is great.

If you can fast and you have the discipline – I think that is a very important health benefit. And he will achieve health benefits from that.

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