Dec 2015

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Approximately 48 women and one man pitched up at a Delft community centre looking, and according to them, feeling their best. These new banting converts took part in Eat Better South Africa!, an initiative created by The Noakes Foundation which aims to take the LCHF lifestyle to low-income areas.

After five weeks of the programme, the results were staggering and became even more apparent when cheers and applause were heard as each member entered the venue – supportive whispers of “you look amazing” and shouts of “Wow! Look at Cherene!” echoed throughout the building.

Darrol Fowkes, a success story from the pilot intervention in Ocean View who now works with The Noakes Foundation, reported on the results. The Delft community banters lost 982 cm altogether, with 20.4 cm each on average. Several members also reported their health improved so drastically they no longer felt the need to take medication.

The winner of the “Most Improved Health” award went to Cherene Colby who said before Banting she had troubled sleeping but now because of the programme she is getting much better rest and the wheezing in her chest is gone. While showing her belt to Prof Noakes, she said she would have to use the last hole right at the end but now, after five weeks, she had to make an extra hole before the smallest setting. She went on to say “I’m more active now and I can do a squat”.

Joan Scheepers told everyone she had lost her left breast in her battle against cancer and her deteriorating health was salvaged thanks to Banting. She wished she’d been introduced to the LCHF lifestyle before the cancer as she believes Banting can help other women in preventing the disease. In a touching moment, Scheepers handed R100 over and said to Prof “I’ve heard you’re raising funds to take this programme to other areas, so I’d like to give my donation.”

Among the festivities at the graduation was Banting Blvd., new affiliates with The Noakes Foundation. They showed off some of their latest products which include an affordable LCHF substitute to some of South Africa’s much loved staple foods – HEBA pap can be used to make porridge, a loaf of bread or even pap. They predict this will revolutionise the way people eat and thus put an end to the diabetes epidemic.

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What is Eat Better South Africa! ?

Eat Better South Africa, is changing the lives of ordinary South Africans in the underprivileged areas of Cape Town and the surrounds. The intervention trains women and men between the ages of 35 – 65 on a budget Banting programme consisting of 3 meals for only R30 a day.

Written by: Megan Stacy Deane of Publicity SA. Email or call 021 557 0213.

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