July 2017

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This past Saturday, Eat Better South Africa, powered by The Noakes Foundation, celebrated the conclusion of the 10th community education program in Atlantis. Over the past seven weeks, the Eat Better team has provided nutrition education and support to members of the Western Cape community. The group met each week for educational presentations and the measurement of various health markers. The group frequently received guest speakers who touched on various aspects of healthy living. These sessions also provided participants with a community in which they felt comfortable sharing their challenges and successes with fellow group members.

The educational presentations highlighted the harmful effects of a high sugar, high carbohydrate diet, and equipped the community with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive on a low carbohydrate, high fat diet. Participants were provided with a low budget meal plan in addition to a low budget shopping list which assisted them in making healthier, cheaper whole food choices.

Out of the 26 participants that joined the program in week one, 19 remained for the full six-week duration. Everyone who participated for the full six weeks experienced centimetre loss, 12 saw a reduction in blood pressure readings, and 15 saw relatively large reductions in weight with the highest weight loss being 7.8kg.

During the closing ceremony, held this past Saturday, participants were celebrated for the dedication and commitment they demonstrated to their new lifestyles. Participants were thrilled with the progress they made with some reduced to tears as they expressed sincere gratitude for the freedom and opportunity to make a positive change in their lives. They are keen to maintain their new-found lifestyles in efforts to achieve their health and nutrition goals.

“I feel very blessed. It was a real experience for me, and it’s going to keep me healthy, and it’s going to keep me good, and it’s going to help me get my weight back from 20 years ago.”  -Washiela, lost 3kg’s and 20cm’s overall.

Monica whose blood pressure went from 145/93 to 119/79 in three weeks, said: “I enjoyed being part of the intervention, it’s a new start to a new life, a better life. Go Banting! Go Eat Better South Africa! Go The Noakes Foundation! Thank you for everything!”

Prof Noakes visited the group and expressed his excitement at the success of another Eat Better program: “I’m really proud of the program and how it’s progressed, our goal now, of course, is to convert all South African communities to eat better, but that’s going to take time. Our aim is to initially target one group and convert the whole community.”

We are incredibly proud of all our participant’s efforts and aim to provide ongoing community support, ensuring that individuals are continuously empowered to make positive dietary related changes.

“The people have been absolutely incredible and the results have been better than we have ever known, many thanks to the amazing involvement of Masoodah [Kajee] who has joined the team full time, we are so excited and we can’t wait to do more” -Jayne Bullen, Manager of the Foundation.

Many thanks to our incredible affiliates MojoMe LCHF Lifestyle Nutrition, Banting Blvd. and PROBYO for their generous contributions towards the refreshments table and prize giving hampers

Eat Better South Africa is already gearing up to run their next community intervention, if you would like to be a part of the change and help the team do the amazing work that they do, please donate or send an email to with ideas of how you can get involved.

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