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Advocacy, Community Activation and Nutrition Educational Programme to Prevent Chronic Diseases and Support Good Health.

Eat Better South Africa is a community-based non-profit organization working to improve the nutritional education of local community members in South Africa, through advocacy, activism, and the implementation of nutrition education programmes that empowers community members to improve their health by making the best dietary choices available to them.

Our mission is to educate community members about the dangers of excessive sugar and refined carbohydrate consumption and to teach them how to make better food choices through information sharing, nutritional education, meal, budget planning, and general nutritional awareness.

Eat Better South Africa aims to achieve this by educating people about the direct link between food and health, while equipping them with the necessary knowledge, on how to live, and eat better by reducing the overconsumption of sugar, refined carbohydrates, processed, and other seed oils, ultra-processed ‘junk’ foods and encourage the consumption of affordable sources of vegetables, fish, meats, some fruit, legumes, and healthier fats.


In early 2022, Eat Better South Africa Collective decided to expand its governance by recruiting the Board of Directors with the following positions:

Eat Better South Africa – Call for Board of Directors Application.

  1. The Board of Directors for Finance and Audit Committee: Treasurer

The basic qualifications for this board of directors’ position are financial management and/or accounting degree with years of experience and a minimum of two years working with any NGO locally and/or regionally in Africa.

The main Functionality:

  • Advise on the record-keeping strategy for finances
  • Support organization when preparing annual budgets
  • Provide financial recommendations to the management team, and
  • Provide fiscal planning and financial decision-making
  1. The Board of Directors for fundraising, and Development Committee:

The basic qualification for this position is a candidate with stakeholder management and/or community project implementation or related qualification with experience in fundraising Management or a related position, with a diverse network portfolio.

The main Functionality:

  • Support the management team with the engagement, and participation of the board members in fundraising activities.
  • Support the organization in growing relationships with existing donors and expand Eat Better South Africa’s support from key strategic donors
  • Proactively participate in strategic planning to mobilize resources to achieve sustainable impact
  • Provide direction and expertise to the management team for grants, proposals and funding applications.
  1. The Board of Directors for the medical, and research Committee:

The basic qualifications for this board of directors’ position are low-carb medical expertise and/or Nutritional Medicine with years of experience working in public health systems. We encourage PhD candidates in the field of nutrition, medicine, and young professionals to apply for this role.

The main Functionality:

  • Provide support for medical nutrition therapy learning content development
  • Support management team in growing relationships with government, and/or hospitals and clinics
  • Provide strategic support in developing nutritional evaluation of the EBSA program for participants and partner clinics.
  • Support the management team in developing LCHF diets to best support good health, in marginalized and economically challenged communities.
  1. The Board of Directors for legal, and HR Committee:

The basic qualification for this position is a candidate with legal and/or HR experience or related qualifications with experience in policies, or a related position.

The main Functionality:

  • Ensure that the organization complies with applicable laws and considers adherence to non-binding rules and standards.
  • Act in the best interests of the organization by ensuring that individual directors adhere to legal standards of conduct,
  • Disclose real or perceived conflicts to the Board and deal with them accordingly.

Eat Better South Africa is committed to diversity, inclusion and transformation and attempts to reflect South Africa’s racial, religious, and cultural diversity, we encourage young professionals, entrepreneurs, and especially people with disabilities and self-identifying intersex, bisexual, lesbian and transgender, as well as young people, are strongly encouraged to apply for these two posts.

SALARY: Board of Directors’ positions are not remunerated. However, all reasonable and agreed travel expenses will be covered by Eat Better South Africa. The position will also entail a comprehensive induction that includes training in the best practices of a low-carb high-fat diet (LCHF), as required.

HOW TO APPLY: Please email us your cover letter, and a resume to  with the Subject of your Email: Application for a Board of Director Position. Kindly submit your application no later than the 30th of November 2022. and the selected candidates will be expected to start the new journey with us in the month of January 2023 for the next 2 years.

For enquiries, kindly email us at

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