The Noakes Foundation is excited to announce that Eat Better! Is going global! In our ever-evolving pursuit to create awareness about the dangers of excessive sugar and refined carbohydrate consumption we have partnered with select brands and organizations who share our vision and will help us drive this health revolution.

Our most recent affiliate is the first to join from outside South African borders – The Low Carb Clinic, based in Melbourne Australia, has recently signed on as an affiliate of The Noakes Foundation. The first in the services category for the Foundation.

“At The Low Carb Clinic we are  a group of doctors and dietitians dedicated to improving patient health through nutrition intervention.  We treat patients by utilising the power of healthy food and lifestyle to transform your body into a healthy version of yourself. Our vision is to transform our patients’ health through diet, medically monitor them during this process, and then refer them back to their usual treating medical team for ongoing care.”

The Clinic treats food as medicine and aims to treat their patients through nutritional intervention – this aligns perfectly with the values and principles we hold at the Foundation, where ‘irreversible’ diseases are being reversed through dietary intervention and where medication is not the first and only form of treatment.  

“We wish to support and promote the great work that Prof Tim Noakes has done in advocating for better health through a low carb diet. We are inspired by his tenacity at pursuing this message even in the face of adversity. We wish to share his passion for reversing chronic disease through nutrition with all those involved with our clinic – our patients, our staff and our followers.”

We look forward to an exciting and action-packed partnership with the Clinic, and can’t wait to marvel at the amazing results they achieve.

The proceeds from all affiliate partnerships go towards our Eat Better South Africa! community education initiative.

We thank our Eat Better Australia Ambassador, Andre Obradovic, for facilitating this ideal connection and for his ongoing support in our affiliate program.

For more information about our affiliate program please click here, here & here.


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