Donating to The Noakes Foundation

As we emerge and take our ground breaking research to the world, we need your help. The Noakes Foundation has set the ambitious target of raising R 40 million by 2020. These funds will be used for annually funding R 2 million worth of research grants.

Public Benefit Organisation Number 930050677

Eat Better South Africa!

Eat Better South Africa! (EBSA) is the community outreach branch of The Noakes Foundation, and is an intervention programme aimed at educating people from lower income areas, teaching them to get better by eating better.

EBSA’s mission is to educate underresourced community members about the dangers of excessive sugar and carbohydrate consumption, and to teach them how to make better food choices through dietary education, meal and budget planning, and general nutritional awareness.

The Foundation is currently looking for funding to run several of these community intervention programmes based on the low carbohydrate eating science as Eat Better South Africa!


A percentage of sales from our affiliate products are donated to Eat Better South Africa! which allows The Noakes Foundation to keep giving back and helping poor communities get better by eating better.

Accepted Payment Options

Donations to The Noakes Foundation are made through the PayPal service.