Do young runners have different needs to adults on the LCHF Diet?

If you have kids then today’s topic is for you. Cindy Jackman got in touch and asked if there is much difference in the LCHF diet or way of eating for young runners as opposed to adult runners?

While insulin or carbohydrate intolerance tends to worsen with age, a child is never too young to start eating the right way. There is no major difference between children and adults when it comes to the LCHF diet. While children may need a slightly higher carbohydrate intake, it is well documented that they need a high fat content in their diet.

Developing healthy eating habits from a young age, is the best time to do it. By not developing a reliance on carbohydrates from a young age, you won’t have a case of trying to adapt as an adult.

Young runners will benefit on LCHF

There are benefits to children here as well that out weigh just exercising. High carbohydrates have been shown to impair concentration. A lower carbohydrate diet could help kids especially those who are struggling, to improve at school.

The best proof of this is feedback from parents, who have said their children are different people after going on the diet. As with adults children on this diet are also not eating as often, as they don’t feel hungry. This diet really is universal no matter your age, or if you are active or not.

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