February 2016

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Eat Better South Africa!, a programme created by The Noakes Foundation that is taking Banting to low-income areas, is now extending to corporate initiatives. This will ensure the LCHF lifestyle reaches more South Africans and in so doing changes the health of those that need it the most.

Howard Richman, owner of the Green Elephant backpackers in Observatory, is the first to be giving his staff the opportunity to learn about the benefits of eating real food by signing up his business. After hearing about how the programme is taken to poor communities and how people are shown how to Bant on a budget, the business approached The Noakes Foundation to bring the course to them. “People assume Banting is an “elitist” diet but Eat Better South Africa! is proving real food can be affordable,” Richman said.

10 women and 3 men are taking part and pledging to cut carbs and sugar. Richman showed his concern for one in particular who is a renal dialysis patient with Type 1 Diabetes and has been on the kidney donor list for several years. He is hoping the introduction of the LCHF lifestyle will prevent further ailments and improve the overall health of his team members by giving them more energy and staving off hunger pangs and cravings.

At the induction it became clear the participants were indulging in unhealthy carbs. One listed her meal choices from the past two days which included three slices of bread with tea for breakfast, a bowl of pap and meat for lunch and rice and chicken for dinner. Another said an average day consists of cereal with sugar, rice and chicken and glasses of sugary drinks.

The partakers are encouraged to slowly cut out these unhealthy carbohydrates and will meet every week to document their progress. To help them on their Banting journey everyone received free HEBA Pap samples and were taught how to use this healthy pap alternative in multiple ways. Also, to help them to stay motivated they will be visited by some prolific banters such as Rita Venter from Banting 7 Day Meal Plans, Karen Thomson from Sugar Free Revolution, and Nico Kleynhans.

We are sure the results will mimic those of previous initiatives where members lost weight, dangerously high blood pressure levels were normalised and some even reporting to have gone off their meds.

Eat Better South Africa! is hoping that other businesses with follow in the footsteps of this health-conscious business owner and offer their employees the same opportunity to change their lives.

Written by: Megan Stacy Deane of Publicity SA. Email or call 021 557 0213.

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