Meet our newest Ambassador Richard Smith

We are so excited to announce that Richard Smith ‘AS SEEN ON TV‘ The UK’s leading nutrition expert will be joining The Noakes Foundation as an Ambassador. He is dedicated to teaching his followers about REAL health and nutrition, dispelling many of the myths and common misconceptions regarding healthy living. What inspired you to become […]

Testimonial: My weight loss experience on a low carbohydrate diet

Starting my weight loss journey: I have no medical qualifications. Accordingly, I am only able to explain my personal weight loss experience. The reader is advised to discuss what I have set out in this document with their own doctor before deciding if a low-carbohydrate diet is suitable for them. For many decades I struggled […]

National Nutrition Week 2023 Questioning Nutritional Guidelines: Are They Truly Healthy?

As South Africa commemorates National Nutrition Week from October 9 to 15, we’re diving deep into the vital role that nutrition plays in our lives. This year’s theme, “Feel Good with Food“, reminds us that making the right food choices isn’t just about what’s on our plates – it’s about building healthier lives and communities. […]

Eat Better South Africa welcomes Banting Blvd & Heba Pap

NEWS RELEASE Dec 2015 Lifestyle & Food EAT BETTER SOUTH AFRICA AND BANTING BLVD. INTRODUCES HEBA PAP The Noakes Foundation and Banting Blvd. have joined forces and are proud new affiliates of a programme that, amongst other products, will include an affordable LCHF substitute to maize pap and bread. “We are particularly proud of HEBA […]

Celebrating Women’s Day: Challenging Misleading Food Marketing

Happy Women’s Day! Women’s Day, celebrated annually on 9th August, holds significant importance in South Africa as it commemorates the historic march of women against injustice and oppressive laws in 1956. This iconic protest symbolised the collective strength and determination of the women in South Africa. Today, we are reminded of the courage, resilience, and […]


The Noakes Foundation comments:  FOODSTUFFS, COSMETICS, AND DISINFECTANTS ACT, 1972 (ACT No.54 OF 1972) REGULATIONS RELATING TO THE LABELLING AND ADVERTISING OF FOODSTUFFS Recently the Department of Health has Gazetted a document for public comment. This document aims to make changes to the way food items are labeled in South Africa. These proposed changes, called […]

National Candy Month: Revealing the Sweet Deception

National Candy Month has been celebrated in the United States every June since its establishment by the National Confectioners Association (NCA) in 1974. The NCA is a trade organization that has contributed to over $42 billion in retail sales by distributing candies, chocolates, and confectionery products. As a result, the United States boasts the largest […]

The Importance of Family Meals

Youth Day is an official public holiday where South Africans commemorate the Soweto Uprising, which occurred on 16 June 1976. This year, at The Noakes Foundation we would like to highlight the importance of children and youth’s wellbeing and health for a better and healthier future for South Africa and worldwide. Children are constantly exposed […]

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