Call For Applicants: Tim & Marilyn Noakes Trust Doctoral or Post-Doctoral Research Grant

The Noakes Foundation is honoured to be collaborating with the Tim & Marilyn Noakes Trust in supporting the new recipient of a prestigious scholarship.

The Noakes Foundation is looking for a full time PhD or post-PhD researcher in the field of health or public health science to be a part of its mission to challenge conventional teachings in nutrition and health by undertaking sound, relevant research into the human condition. This person is likely to be a bright ,future minded individual prepared to think independently, with a vision to uplift South African society and health. We support and fund free thinking researchers and studies that would not necessarily be funded by traditional research funders that are reliant on the current model of diagnostic and pharma-funded medicine.

The Noakes Foundation is a non-profit corporation founded for public benefit following Prof Tim Noakes’ incredible reversal of his own diabetes diagnosis, aims to fix the future outlook of human health, by changing the way people eat and the food policies to enable this. Its focus is on providing evidence-based information on optimum nutrition that is free from commercial agenda or funding.

Our belief is that research’s role is that of foregrounding  the truth. Our team’s research methods adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity. At The Noakes Foundation, our research is guided by a set of key questions that we thought would highlight our intentions and give everyone a clear idea of our vision and where we stand in the pursuit of a better, healthier world.

  • How do we correct the dietary errors of the past fifty years?
  • How do we determine the optimal diet for individuals?
  • How do we change individual eating and exercise patterns to prevent type 2 diabetes & minimise the effects of insulin resistance?
  • How can we help everyone eat better to feel better and live better lives
  • What is the role of physical activity, sport and exercise in the maintenance of optimal metabolic health

As part of our objectives to do ongoing and Living Research into the various aspects of the human biological condition, driven by some critical questions that we seek to answer in relation to a LCHF/VLCHF diet, the Foundation is recruiting a full time researcher to perform the following, amongst other tasks:

  • Manage, conduct and report on research projects at a high and implementation level for both university-funded and privately-funded studies
  • Oversee and direct the data integrity and research aspect of the Foundation’s community studies, Eat Better South Africa
  • Oversee and manage the implementation of the anecdotal and Living Research platforms set up by The Noakes Foundation to integrate data and use cutting edge analytical tools to best merge and integrate various data sets
  • Oversee and support data integration of a nutrition network being created for doctors and medical practitioners
  • Apply for and obtain ethics approval for a variety of diverse studies the Foundation is and plans to conduct
  • Manage and contribute towards the planning of research studies funded by and commissioned to the Foundation to undertake, working with different researchers and teams to budget for optimal time and result efficiency
  • Oversee the implementation and budget of a diabetes patient-product trial
  • A commitment to and understanding of up to date online research tools and products in the medical sector
  • Budget oversight and management of the projects in the researcher’s portfolio
  • Proven track record, if possible, of administering projects to time and budget with impressive results


  • PhD or post-PhD within the health or public health sciences
  • In depth knowledge of human biology and metabolic processes and a thorough understanding of the dynamics relating to a LCHF/Keto diet as well as the current research and research needs in this field
  • An understanding of diabetes, insulin resistance and obesity and modern research and the debate around dietary guidelines
  • An understanding and ability to talk about the issues relating to chronic disease, diabesity and dietary economics in the world
  • Knowledge of the key players in the Low Carbohydrate field and an understanding of the landscape of this discipline
  • An insight or interest in sustainability
  • Ability to give talks, debate, engage with media where necessary
  • Diplomacy and integrity – an understanding of the complexities in current medical diagnostics relating to pharma funding and a commitment to integrity in medical practices
  • Ideas and insights into what the future of healthcare in the world will be and how this ties into sustainability and realistic systemic changes
  • A passion for truth, knowledge and equality
  • Based in South Africa

Please send your CV and a motivational letter to by the 1st of April 2021.

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