Blood pressure on the LCHF Diet: Should you be concerned about BP?

Today on The Ask Prof Noakes Podcast we have a question in from Brian Corbin who wanted to know if the hydration conclusions drawn in Professor Tim Noakes’ book Waterlogged are applicable to people following the LCHF diet?

Prof Tim Noakes: Yes, they are. The only difference is you probably do need to increase you salt intake if you’re following this LCHF diet. I’m not sure entirely of the physiology of it. It does seem that your sodium excretion in the kidneys are increased.

That’s Jeff Volek’s opinion, and when Jeff Volek speaks – I listen. Regardless of whether I know about it or not, I first listen to what he says. If I find it wrong then I will do something about it. But as far as I know, Jeff Volek says you should increase your salt intake.

What is really interesting is that on this LCHF diet your blood pressure drops. My blood pressure dropped enormously. It was something I could never control. It was always high normal and I wanted it to be low normal, and then it went slightly beyond low normal. It became a bit abnormal.

Your blood pressure should drop on the LCHF Diet

When I got on this LCHF diet, within 6 months it was low normal – it’s just fantastic. And I eat more salt now than I probably ever did in the past. I don’t worry about adding the salt because I am told I must.

So I think that one needn’t worry about adding salt to your diet if you’re eating this Low Carb High Fat diet. You probably do need to increase the salt intake slightly, and anyway you are protected from high blood pressure by all the high fat diet for a number of reasons.

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