Avrol’s Low Carb Journey

One of our Eat Better South Africa participants, Avrol de Vries, recently shared her story of how the LCHF lifestyle and the Eat Better South Africa programme helped improved her health.

Since her first period, at the age of 12, she always experienced excruciating cramps which got worse as years went by. At the age of 40, Avrol was diagnosed with endometriosis, a painful disorder that affects an estimated 1 in 10 women during their reproductive years,  usually between the ages of 15 to 49, which is approximately 176 million women in the world. In addition to this, she was also diagnosed with hypertension.

Avrol had to undergo several surgeries as part of the treatment for her Endometriosis, and she started to gain weight during recovery. She also noticed her eyesight was deteriorating and was told by her optometrist that she has a genetic condition and she might lose her sight completely.

This motivated her to seek out support for her health in order to live a healthier lifestyle. 

“In 2014 I started gyming with Sylvia (Community Coach, Atlantis) where I was later introduced in 2015 to the low-carb lifestyle through the Eat Better South Africa programme. The Banting has made such an improvement on my health that I fully recovered from the endometriosis,” says Avrol. 

Since the start of her banting journey in 2015, her eyesight remained stable for a few years until January 2020 when she went for an eye test and was told that her sight has in fact improved! 

“My sight has extremely improved and the optometrists were very impressed and ask me what I was doing differently. I told him about my lifestyle change and that I was living the Banting lifestyle.”

It has been 5 years since Avrol started her Banting journey, which she is still following with a smile on her face!

About Eat Better South Africa:

Eat Better South Africa (EBSA) is the community outreach branch of The Noakes Foundation, and is an intervention programme aimed at educating people from lower-income areas, teaching them to get better by eating better.

EBSA’s mission is to educate under-resourced community members about the dangers of excessive sugar and carbohydrate consumption, and to teach them how to make better food choices through dietary education, meal and budget planning, and general nutritional awareness.

EBSA is revolutionizing the face of disease management in under-resourced communities in South Africa. Every programmme is self-funded and relies graciously on donations and funding for its successful implementation. 

Your generosity is changing lives. 

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