Arteries and calcium buildup

On this edition of the Ask Prof Noakes Podcast, Brad Brown chats to Prof Noakes about a question submitted by Jerome. He wants to know whether there is a way one can be on the lookout for signs of calcium buildup in your arteries. Jerome recently completed 10km in 58 minutes thanks to LCHF. He also listened to a talk on minimal training given by Prof Noakes,which he found very informative. Jerome eats himself fit and his diet consists of 3 eggs during the day. 2 for breakfast with a tomato and coffee. Lunch will be the previous night’s supper which is protein and veggies. He rounds it off at about 3pm with some double cream yoghurt and a banana, but sometimes he changes that up. He wants to know if  there is a way to look out for signs if you have calcium buildup in your arteries or do you need to have tests done? Should you be worried about the calcium buildup if you are on LCHF.

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