Adapt Your Life – The Foundation’s Newest Affiliate

The Noakes Foundation is excited to announce our newest Eat Better South Africa! affiliate, Adapt Your Life!

Adapt is the first affiliate to have joined the program offering a low-carb protein bar for Banters and sports enthusiasts alike.

The Eat Better South Africa! affiliate program was designed to create consumer awareness in the marketplace –  shelves have been flooded with products that claim to be low in carbohydrates, LCHF, Keto or Banting-friendly, but as a consumer, how do you know that these products and the claims they make are true and can be trusted? The Foundation partners with select affiliate brands and products to ensure that as a consumer you will always have access to a range of products you know you can trust. At the same time, each of our affiliates pledges to support Eat Better South Africa! initiatives.

Adapt Your Life was founded in July 2015 by Dr. Eric Westman and Glen and Yael Finkel.

Dr. Westman, the best-selling author of “The New Atkins for a New You” and has over fifteen years of clinical and theoretical experience and has dedicated his life to helping patients with various medical conditions and weight loss through the LCHF/Keto lifestyle.

Glen and Yael are South African entrepreneurs who have had a long personal journey with health, fitness and nutrition, and are close friends of the Foundation. Working together to give consumers healthier food options was the logical next step in our relationship.

“We knew that we wanted to aid Dr. Westman in reaching more people by educating them on the science behind this lifestyle, and we also knew that we needed to create tasty nutritional products with ideal macros to help people adhere to the program,” says Glen, co-founder of Adapt.

The Adapt products were created out of a need for on-the-go, nutrient-dense products that comply with the guidelines of the LCHF/Keto lifestyle. The products are noticeably superior in their category as they use only the highest quality ingredients to create a tasty protein bar that is extremely low in net carbs, gluten free, soy free, non GMO and with no added sugar.

“All of our products undergo stringent testing and we are proud to bring these products to you with the perfect balance of delicious and nutritious in every bite,” says Yael, co-founder of Adapt.

In the Foundation’s ever-evolving pursuit to create awareness about the dangers of excessive sugar and refined carbohydrate consumption we partner with select brands and organizations who share our vision and will help us drive this health revolution. The Foundation and Adapt Your Life share the belief that many people are unaware of the fact that conditions such as type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity are treatable through diet and lifestyle choices.

“Our mission at Adapt Your Life is to inform and educate as many people as possible all over the world. You don’t have to be a victim to your body. Your wellness is in your hands, and we will help you find the pathway to a fitter, healthier, and happier life.”

Adapt Your Life is already a well-established brand in the USA and Canada, and have recently launched in South Africa – we are excited to partner with this innovative, forward-thinking and science-based organization and are confident that we will achieve great things together.

Jayne Bullen, COO of the Foundation: “We are excited to see how as the category expands, there are more and more great low carb options becoming available to consumers. At Eat Better SA we want to see shelves full of great, healthy options for consumers especially in the sports categories.”

You can purchase Adapt bars on their website or at select retailers.

The proceeds from all affiliate partnerships goes towards our Eat Better South Africa! community education initiative.

For more information about our affiliate program please click here, here & here.

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