A Note from a Nutritionist: Emily Maguire

Written, with thanks by Emily Maguire, a low-carb nutritionist from the UK.


Why The World Needs More People Like Prof

 Dear Prof Noakes,

One year ago I set off on a trip that would see me travel to several countries around the world. The goal- to meet, shadow and mentor off several people in the world of low carbohydrate nutrition.

I really could not have started the trip in any better way than to head to Cape Town where the First International Low Carbohydrate Summit was being held.

I had been interested in the world of LCHF for a few years when Professor Noakes began speaking out about his experience, both professionally and personally with LCHF. The one thing that I was coming to learn is that it would be one thing to talk about this from a personal experience, but a whole other thing to look at it professionally.

For Professor Noakes to stand up and say that he had gotten it wrong and to change his stance on the science that he once held to be true, was not only admirable but also extremely courageous.

There are certainly several people out there that although they do agree with the science for the LCHF approach, they will publically not declare this. Why? Because to go against the grain (pun intended), means to stand out from the crowd, to go against everything that you were taught and held to be true. Ultimately it is about taking a huge risk.

I’m not using this letter to get into the ins and outs of exactly what went on to lead to this point, I will leave this up to the court. What I am using this letter for is to say thank you. Thank you to Professor Noakes for taking the risk and going against the grain when you really could have just walked away from this. But my thanks also lie with your family and your wife for letting you take this on. They say that behind every great man is a great woman and having the brief pleasure of meeting Marilyn, I know this to be true.

We know that in the world of science and nutrition it can never be declared as black or white and is constantly evolving. This should not be seen or treated as an evangelic case. What Professor Noakes has done and continues to do is simply follow the science. That for me is what is at the heart of the matter and one I would encourage everyone to keep in mind. Follow the science, wherever that may lead us.

Keep smiling Prof

All my thanks




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